Memory Chips like SD card doesn’t require any introduction since it is one of the most utilized storage device on different electronic gadgets such as mobile, iPod, Camera, Camcorder, etc. As these sorts of cards are generally used on day to day basis therefore, if any kind of data loss happens over it, then common users get very regretful. Such pitiful situation can be easily handled by simply enacting Restore SD Card software, which requires users to follow a few steps to regain access to desired data from SD card.

Undisputedly formatting is one of the common reasons of data loss over SD card. Situation like this, usually reprises because of user own mistake, i.e. because of accidental formatting, while trying to perform some other act over SD card. Let’s assume one of such instance to illustrate in better way. Suppose that you have got a new camera, so in order to get used to its features you started tickling with the options available on camera. While doing so you accidentally formatted the memory card thereby making each of the saved over it unavailable. Such human error can be easily rectified by utilization of SD card recovery tool.

Apart from this accidental error by users the other common reason which can cause unavailability of SD card is virus attack. Virus can get into SD of different electronic gadgets when it is connected to internet or to any virus infected system. If such malicious program is of low level then it may just corrupt some of the files; however, if it is quite dangerous then it can make the file system of SD card itself corrupted, thus making each of the files of storage card inaccessible. Once, such an instance happen over SD card, error messages like the mentioned below are splashed on the screen whenever user tries to access SD card contents.

  • Format Error
  • F:/ is not accessible. The directory is corrupted and unreadable.
  • Memory card not readable

If users of SD card don’t wish to face data loss then they should have proper backup of each files on SD card. In case they (users of SD card) don’t have backup, usage of the card must be stopped immediately after any kind of data loss happens over it.

Recovery performed by this SD card recovery software is quite easy because of its amazing scanning algorithm which scans each of the sectors of memory device and backtracks each of the lost data in matter of few minutes. This software can be also implemented when user is finding solution to query like “how to recover SD card deleted files?” If required this data recovery software can be used over different brands of storage device like Transcend, Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk, Verbatim, etc. Some people prefer making specific file recovery from SD card, this requirement of users can be performed on this software on categorization of file name, date of creation, file size or data format. If you are looking for software which can assist you on different SD card related issues visit at given url:

Steps to recover files from formatted SD card:

Step 1: After SD card gets formatted due to any reason download, install and later launch this software on your system to open its "Welcome Screen", as shown in Figure 1.

Restore SD Card after Format - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: After choosing appropriate option at Welcome Screen, choose SD Card from the available logical drives as shown in Figure 2.

Restore SD Card after Format - Select SD card

Figure 2: Select SD card

Step 3: At last when scanning is completed users can "Preview" files as shown in Figure 3.

Restore SD Card after Format - Preview

Figure 3: Preview

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